Balance is inevitable

This is a time when much will be revealed. You need to have sharpened your observational skills in order to really be aware of what is being played out.

Will it be messy? It already is and we can make it even messier. Will it be amazing? It already is and we can make it even more so, if we so choose to. Frankly, it is not a matter of going either way. We are at a place of our evolution when it is going both ways, at high speeds. This is a huge challenge for the programmed, linear mind that does not comprehend and finds the whole concept utterly illogical. Consequently, it will try to enforce the “either way” concept, to justify and verify its existence, at all cost. Of course, it is a lost battle, but the programmed mind does not know this nor does it want to get out of its one-sided perception. Currently, the greatest battles will/are being fought, to prove either perception, to justify and amplify the polarity that it supports.

Yet balance is inevitable. When each polarity is pushed to its limits, the other is equally amplified too. In full circle they collide and merge into one another, creating something totally new that emerges from the union. By wanting to avoid the collision, they hinder the union that paradoxically is wanted.

More and more this battle of duality is surfacing, as this is the age of revelation. Never before has there been a time when truth is not, nor can it, be hidden. True intentions, true feelings, true beliefs, true goals are all exposed or admitted. Transparency is unavoidable and inescapable.

Oh yes, make no mistake about it. These are exciting times, although many don’t understand the real meaning of excitement, which has nothing to do with what you might favor, wish for or want, but more to do with welcoming the unexpected, whatever it consists of or looks like.

The key element of the process for balance is responsibility, a concept that the educated, linear, illogical mind has no understanding of, whatsoever. It is thus a logical and physical consequence that we experience all aspects of irresponsibility, in all its “glory” and “magnificence”, on a collective level, for the purpose of learning and further exercising our free will, through error and correction.

The trap is criticism, judgment and blame, which cannot be avoided, as long as we rely on the programmed, limited mind for answers, that it simply does not have. Through its persistence to seek, as well as to perceive outwardly, with the concept of separation deeply rooted within its very formation, we remain ignorant and limited in virtual realities we call “truth”. In the same mind, the trap of the “all-loving, all-accepting, all-forgiving” perceptions of hope, wishful thinking and deliverance “from this lower dimension”, is equally unavoidable. A more appealing perception, but a limited (=untrue) one nonetheless.

The key tools for exiting the matrix (=limited perception) are observation and doubt, concepts that are totally alien to our education and the “wiring” of our linear minds. To rise above perception, virtual realities and the space-time concepts is an act of courage, perseverance and willingness to shift. It is a task of the creative mind (right brain), which has been understandably rejected and devaluated. Without it, we remain lost, misguided and stubbornly glued to “lower” existence.

But balance is inevitable. For all those that wish to remain glued to their familiar programmed mind, even though they might “change their ways”, change perceptions, beliefs, habits, etc, it WILL be a bumpy ride. This is just Law in effect. For those who are willing to uproot the programming and the tactics of the limited, programmed mind, it will be a revealing, exciting journey, with apocalyptic events, which will aid responsibility, as we dare to shift constantly and totally, for the purpose of controlling our creative power of intention.

That which is most evident right now and seems to prevail on a collective level is the need to hold on to and trust what we already know, rather than risk doubting, totally destroying the familiar structure, for the purpose of recreating ourselves through learning, taking responsibility and ultimately rising above perception.

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