Living your dream

Living your dream is based on love and trust; two words that the surface, linear mind does not understand and cannot help you attain.

Living your dream requires a different state of consciousness than the one we have been educated and brought up to live by.
First, you take responsibility of your current state of consciousness, of freeing yourself from your education and then you submerge totally to your life’s purpose.

You become who you Are, do what You are passionate about and really want…

·         when you are able to include the whole world, the whole of existence in your individuality

·         even if you would choose to do exactly the same thing when no one’s watching or witnessing your actions

·         even if there is no personal gain – whether you already have all that you want or you have nothing at all

·         no matter what obstacles you find in your way, you would still defend and trust and are devoted to your passion

·         when you can be totally self-sacrificing and make your dream the center of your existence because it is the substance of your existence

·         when it defines you, not you it because it is your life’s purpose and you have simply aligned yourself with it. 

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