A time for true Warriors

My only fight is with the Matrix and its servers. My only need is to be totally detached and free. De-programming is my only work.

I know no one yet who has totally achieved this. People think that they are detached when they substitute one rule with another, one belief for another. How pathetically ignorant! They just kid themselves by swapping things around, by seeing different views from the same intelligent, multi-dimensional system, with its many holograms.

You can realize this only if you are courageous enough to move, to shift perceptions, to investigate without the need to defend or hold on to anything that you think you know.

Then, a cataclysmic realization comes to you that EVERYTHING is perception, that you have never actually been “out” of the machine, just seen and experienced many parts of programming in the program. Wider perceptions perhaps but nevertheless, still perceptions.

Everything you see, think you know and experience, is part of the Matrix. The Matrix is in your head. There is no escaping what you experience or perceive because you are attached - more than you realize. You are the co-creator and caretaker of the program.

Everything you consider to be normal is enslaving you. The system in your head hypnotizes you into habits; thousands upon thousands of little details in your everyday life that you have been trained to ignore. Rules upon rules that you think normal to follow. It does not matter how “positive” they seem to be. In fact, “positive” keeps you even more hypnotized than negative. The program thrives on positive, clean, goody-goody, moral little machine-humans that are totally blinded to their contribution.

You do not “learn” yourself. You cannot learn what you already know. You uncover your Self, once you denounce and get rid of the machine you have always falsely thought WAS you. But that means total war, a war you are not prepared and not equipped to take on. Many have tried, many more will attempt it but very few, countable few, have made it through, winning the War – not just some petty battles (only to conform again with a pathetic perception of superiority).

Do not ask for something that you are not prepared to see through. Do not ask blind men to guide you to something they have not seen. No one undertakes this war without preparation or without a real guide that will walk with you into battle, not standing on the outside looking in. The preparation is also your initiation, your trial period for the most difficult battles ahead, which you have to fight with your Self as your (only) ally, for your Self - no one else and for no other reason.

If you are a coward, stand back and deteriorate with the weak (at heart). You deserve what you choose. Freedom is granted only to the deserving, not to the machines that want to pose as humans. (If you are offended, you are definitely still mostly a machine.)

Only the Truth can set you free. But “truth” is not a word that the Matrix allows you to understand. There are not many truths, there is no such a thing as “my truth”. The Matrix hides behind words it uses for its own purposes. “My truth” actually means “my perception, my beliefs, my needs” and so much more, but not Truth, Reality, Knowledge, which cannot be degraded to subjectivity. Every time you mistaken perception for truth, you will find – if you are brave enough to observe – that you are caught up in yet another program of the Program that you have to fight to be released from.

The road to the Truth is paved with doubt. Real doubt takes courage, persistence and total, devoted awareness or alertness. Be prepared to stand alone. The most fearful demons, nightmares, hells are your own making. Be prepared to destroy, to bring down ALL that you know and have counted on for your comfort for so long. You will never have a “safe” and ordinary day in your life again.

Contrary to what you “know”, it is guilt that keeps you a prisoner and fear that will lead you out the Matrix – if you are not afraid of fear. Unless you fear remaining in, more than you fear attempting to get out, you will not move from your comfort zone, no matter what you say or do. The Matrix has trillion upon trillion of ways to persuade you with holograms of perceptions that “you are out and safe”. Such misguided machine-humans are its greatest supporters and assets. They become the blind leaders that thousands follow, to yet another make-belief world of perception and less visible enslavement. You will ultimately discover that you are on yet another path to never-land.

Only when you have seen enough – by choosing the road towards Truth, which is a path of discomfort and insecurity – uncovered enough, can you finally let go of fear, once and for all. You are then, inevitably, filled with sadness, disgust and anger that will force you to act. That is when you begin the real war; YOUR real war, a road with no return. Because once you have had a glimpse of your real powers, what you are really capable of, you can never again compromise to being a machine. You HAVE TO become a warrior. For you either serve the program and its many machine-like representatives or you serve Truth and Humanity. You cannot have it both ways, although initially you will try.

Then and only with this realization, you make your Self a promise that you live by, breathe through, wake up to and defend, every day of your life, with your mind, your heart and your life, no matter what.

I promise to be kind and giving to the children, for they are the future of Humanity.

I promise to be responsible to the responsible and respectful to those that respect themselves and others.

I promise to be understanding and helpful to the real (courageous) searchers of Truth, as my true life’s purpose.

I promise to expose and totally crush manipulators, deceivers and energy suckers, for they will not feed on me.

I promise to abolish every program, ritual, rule, belief that stands in My way, along with all their slave representatives that seek to enslave me.

A warrior cannot ever be controlled or hypnotized again. Time manipulation persuades believers that battles are lost, limitation exists and freedom is but another mid-summer night’s dream. But only a warrior knows that battles are his learning experiences to expose the Matrix, they are his teaching devices that make him stronger, indestructible and more conscious for the final war.

Only a true warrior can recognize machines under their human pretences. Because only a warrior has the courage to crush every manipulative program in his own mind, therefore becomes fearless, through the clearance of his own Sight. Warriors recognize each other but do not depend on one another for their own freedom. They know that each must take responsibility for their own enslavement as well as make their own choice to be free – or not. The only enemies they recognize outside their own former conditioning are those that want to remain machines (whether they think that they are free or whether they believe that enslavement is their destiny). Their cover up is highly persuasive, but only to those in denser energy levels than warriors are.

Above all and most of all, a true warrior is up against so called leaders, guides, teachers, gurus, for they manipulate the na├»ve that seek answers and deliverance outside themselves. These manipulators feed on the hypnotized with lies, practices and beliefs that offer false promises and dead end roads. They are the main source of energy for the Matrix – without their knowledge – by contributing immensely to the opposition of duality.

The time has come. Let the war begin, the greatest war ever fought!

A war for Human Consciousness.

For Truth.

For freedom.

Do not think that you know the meaning of any of these words. You do not! The Matrix has manipulated all meanings, all languages and all minds. You can either go back to sleep (regardless of what you have just read) thinking that you are “on the right path” or you can begin to doubt EVERYTHING that you think you know – something which is totally frightening and unconceivable to most.

Your real challenge right now is not whether you have theoretically understood the words but if you can decode their meaning in your daily life. Do not give in to your programming by being eager to agree or disagree, I do not care for your opinion. If you are a sight-seer, move on. If you are a manipulator, I will not hesitate to attack, if you are a real seeker, I will respect you as an equal.


  1. This is one of the strongest and direct messages I've ever read.

    Without the element of beautifying situations, without "new age" positivity.
    Instead, straight to the point, straight to the heart with a jolting bolt.

    To be taken in and remembered throughout the day, as often as possible with no nonsense excuses.

    There's only one way forward and that is here and now.

  2. Thank you for the comment. Your message is exaclty what I tried to get across. It seemed that it worked... for those who want to See anyway. Thanks again.

  3. The warrior NEVER lays down his sword!

    He just keeps it more and more in its case, with the blade always sharpened and shining. The reasons that he takes it out – always to perform a ritual killing - become less and less, as he realizes that very few battles are worth fighting for and the “killing” must be absolutely essential, based on his Inner Guidance and not his self-protection.

    Our civilizations see “the killing” as a moral act, alienated from its source and the bigger picture which would give a totally different perspective. But limiting perception is a result of ignorance and fear, which ultimately (and this is the paradox) cause many more killings, not solving the illusion.