When does one know that it’s time to move on?

When you can’t find a single reason inside you to keep you where you are and the unknown seems less frightening than the emptiness you feel inside.

Surely there are no guaranties anywhere, either in remaining in the same place or daring to move on to the unknown. Each decision is a risk in its own because each decision is always a mixture of negative and positive data which you have to balance at heart level.

Logic may halt you for a while and force you to consider roles, status, benefits and losses more than you would like to. But ultimately, the unmistakable gut feeling becomes too intense to ignore anymore, as it seeks attention.

That’s when you know that there cannot be anymore staggering, that the time for action has come – whatever the action, as long as you move, as long as you get out the “comfort zone”.

It is a deceiving illusion. The “comfort zone” protects you seemly from mistakes, failure, rejection, disappointment and frightening risks. It offers a deceptive sense of control of what you already know and consider familiar, as your life sweeps before you in repetitive mode, offering nothing but routine, stress and unfulfillingness. The “comfort zone” also offers you the right to judge, accuse and seek enemies outside yourself. It is a victim state as you lack responsibility for your own life and your own contribution to what is being created.

You can “rest” there, in the “comfort zone”, for a while, using whatever excuse you need to find in order to do so. Some remain there for all their lives, wondering at their death bed what they managed to accomplish living a life of emptiness, compromise and bitterness.

But only you can take responsibility of your dreams, no matter how absurd they seem to the rest of the world. Only you can and should make them come true, offering the best that you can for the benefit of your Self and those around you.

We are not here solely to survive, to compromise or attack others for our own shortcomings. We are here to express who we are and you will never discover who you Are by living in the “comfort zone” for too long.

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