A subjective world

The reality that each of us is aware of is an entirely subjective reality, much as we’d like to believe that is it objective.

We see what we have been programmed to see and we exclude all data that does not suit our own internal reality. As outside, so it is inside. Our senses correspond as tools, to our mind’s commands. Our body responds automatically to the commands it accepts from our thoughts.

Have you ever been frightened by a thought, only to realize, immediately afterwards, that it wasn’t real? Have you felt your whole body respond to fear as you watch a horror movie? Even if logical reasoning tells you “it’s just a movie”, you feel your stomach cramp up and your palms sweat with panic.

You cannot convince a small child who is afraid of the dark, with logical reasoning, that she is in no danger, just like you cannot convince yourself that you are actually safe when the circumstances of your life (you owe lots of money, you have a dysfunctional relationship, you feel alone, etc.) prove to you that you are in danger.

The world we live in is a binary world of mater, which we perceive with our five senses, degraded by the perceptions of our mind.

Usually the mind perceives only one aspect of reality, one side of the coin, as we are charmed by our lower instincts. These are the basic instincts of survival of a mortal and susceptible self that is called on to survive in a continuously changing world.

Most of our actions are prompted by need, which is activated by fear. We fear the future so much that we attach to the past, the familiar, to exterior securities, anything that will exempt us from the truth of our perishable self.

The more we strain for security, the more we have need of it in order to feel secure but, alas, the more it slips away from us. It seems like a vicious circle no matter what we have acquired or have succeeded in, for nothing is ever enough to release us from the continuous hunt. We simply create in ourselves an illusion of power, which is dependant on all we use, in order to conjure our fears.

There is always something more that we need, something more that we have to do, achieve, conquer, as nothing ensures us of immortality and dearth remains a fact we are totally unable to contradict.

We are continuously on the go, stressed and unsatisfied, while we fill our lives with obligations – that we never question but even if we do, we don’t see a way out – living in a continuous, nefarious circle without substance. There is no time to think, to stop and wonder, to re-examine our priorities, our goals and the course of our lives.

We save up, invest, buy insurances, pursue social and professional awards, we seek power through wealth and the accumulation of material goods, we get married and have children to ensure our continuity, we depend on the opinion of others because we want to belong to a group, we identify with our achievements and our acquisitions in order to feel strong. We are fortified in our loneliness because we are afraid to become vulnerable and to find ourselves confronted with pain.

We continue to live according to “Ι should…” that society, our family and our self impose on us, but at the end of the day, no matter what we have accomplished, a weak little voice inside us does not fail to remind us that our life does not have a substantial purpose or aim.

The only opportunity that we have of escaping, the only chance that we have of living substantial lives is to become aware of the fallacy in which we are living. Then we start to live purposeful lives by making the necessary changes that we need in order to be happy and content so that we may offer all that we are and be open to love.

This is not a simple task and it surely cannot be done if first we do not realize that we are imprisoned.

If something inside you tells you that there must be something else, that life cannot continue to be pointless, difficult, empty, if you feel that there’s something missing and that nothing “out there” can fill the emptiness inside, then you have already made an important start.

If you have attempted change but haven’t accomplished much in the past, if you have followed advice or some method that has not given you what you have been searching for, keep on listening to that inner voice that tells you to continue your quest for freedom and happiness. For when you seek, you will surely find. You must remain open to the will of your heart.Nothing (worthwhile) is given without an intense wanting of the heart, preparation and personal attendance.

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