If we don’t begin our day with gratitude, it’s like not beginning at all, just continuing from where the surface mind left off the precious day.

True gratitude is not finding those things that we are, have and do, to be grateful about. That only excludes a whole lot of opposites that the ego then uses against us. True gratitude is inclusive.

Everything we are experiencing is abundance and according to the law of love, which actually means that is FOR us and BY us, not against us or by anyone else. Being grateful for all helps us get outside the separating and isolating mind which has a distorted view on life.

The surface mind will use gratitude to hide what it fears to see, which is a trap that many light-workers fall into. Being willing to see where we have allowed lack to come into our life, is actually being responsible in that we are willing to recognize and dissolve any false beliefs that keep us captive and limited. 

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