What a wonderful world!

This is simultaneously a crazy and a magical world. If you believe everything you see, hear, taste, touch, even feel, you can become attached, consumed by it, addicted and also fooled by it. If you choose to remain detached, an exploring wonderer, you can marvel at it, learn from it and discover a lot more beyond it. Only if you don’t believe its truth. Because everything is subjective, everything serves the purpose of convincing you. It is beautiful and it is an ugly world. It offers happiness and sorrow, despair and magnificence. It is all real only or as deep as you experience and believe it all.

You own nothing because everything is temporary. All come and go, and you can only appreciate and make good use of it all, if you don’t attempt to hold on to anything.

So simple and yet so hard to accomplish because you are taught possession, you are taught lack and you are taught to hide. They are all lies and as long as you remain ignorant of that, you believe this world to be real and yourself to be stuck in its web.

But take a look at yourself; you are caught up in the chase. You fear and you seek, you attempt to avoid and you try desperately to hold on to. Neither can be. They are all illusions of your educated mind, fooled by your outer senses. You have become detached and ignorant of your inner senses, your whole mind. You are stuck in education, perception and deception, believing it to be reality.
No one can convince you otherwise; who will? Everyone around you believes the same things or in the same way of thinking as you do. You assume that this makes your perception real. You have been taught to seek answers and the truth outside yourself. You seek where you will not find. Nevertheless, you WILL find the answers and the proof you seek to confirm what you already believe in and offers you the conformity of your “knowing”.

“Look inside you” they say, “the answers lie within you”. But how? When” Where” Where is “inside”, when all you have been taught to recognize is the inner dialogue (or monologue) that fools you and offers you even more false perceptions? How do you go beyond that mind, beyond the inner chatter? How do you detach from the world and society? But if you don’t, you are stuck in the matrix.

I’ve heard it all, I have studied all the theories, still more come out, recycling the past ones. Give me the “how” or you have nothing to give me at all.

But then, in order to receive, you need to start asking. No one ever receives unless (or until) they ask sincerely, with devotion and clarity. Be careful what you ask for; you are always given but more often you don’t understand life’s (or Self’s) messages, because you are taught a language and a way of thinking that is alien to nature, alien to your natural self, distant from all truth. How do you expect to receive what you do not recognize?

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