Why are you here?

People in the cities have “free time” to sit around and do nothing, engage in small talk, have “hobbies” (whatever that means) and decay emotionally, in their hearts, while on the outside they seem radiant and young – with the help of technology on which they rely, because you can’t actually hide ignorance and inner lack.

There are no guarantees in life, no matter how hard you try to pursue them. These so called “securities” that you have worked “so hard” to achieve, will one by one be taken away from you, just as easily as you were led to believe they were your “birthright”. Whoever invested in anyone or anything besides their Self, is in for huge surprises. This is Justice, according to Universal Law and not according to man-made laws. Whether the egos like it or not – and they don’t – we WILL, each in our own time (for this is an individual path first and foremost) learn to function within the Universal Laws, whatever it takes to realize them, for we ARE spirit having a physical experience.

Work and play have long been separated (as has everything else) because the mind that perceives (and makes the rules) is a split mind, initially torn apart. Therefore, the matrix (programming and perception based on a split mentality) emerged, which you have no power to challenge, as long as you are totally engaged in it, seeing what it wants you to see.

There you have it. A dual reality, which your split mind persuades you IS real! It isn’t! Duality is a partial perception, which has limited knowledge and very limited perception that seems whole. Arrogant and naïve, totally deceived by the ego, humans think they “know” and can tell the difference between truth and lies.

Back to work and play. In order to BE the whole, to make the parts whole, you need to combine the “opposites” and realize the Oneness that exceeds the sum of its parts. Play needs to come into work and make work fun, fulfilling, meaningful, creative and authentic. Work must come into play, as you realize that it is your observational and reasoning skills that make you exceed mere “passing the time” and make playing worthwhile. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, all that matters is that you play well. But your belief in duality, has made work boring and play a meaningless waste of time. You take work too seriously and play too lightly.

It’s not your business to judge anyone else and what they are doing. But also, don’t make other people’s opinions of you your problem either. The reason FOR all experiences is that you (and others) need it because we only learn through experience – our own and not others’. You need to overcome your own perception and limited awareness, not persuade everyone else to think as you do.

Likewise, ONLY You can have a say in your life and judge the meaning of your actions. The ego does not have a say in your Higher Self’s purpose and your challenge is to detach from the ego as much as you can. Your role as a Conscious Human Being is to obey your Higher Self (not in the submissive manner that you have learned means “obey”), to acknowledge and adopt your Higher Self’s Will as your own, for it IS Your Own. That is your role as a Human Conscious Being; to understand, accept and choose willingly your Higher Self’s path. A communication channel needs to be opened for this – in contrast to the ego speaking louder and very differently than your Higher Self.

For this, you have the abilities and the attributes of the Right mind (your right hemisphere), which has cleverly been suppressed and under-estimated. You need to re-discover them and use them to Your benefit.

Your role as a Human Conscious Being is to tame the ego, to surrender its will to your Higher Self’s Will, so that the ego may serve the Self, which is its real purpose, once recognized for what it is. Your personal (incarnated) self experiences on behalf of the Higher Self but is not capable of judgment because its “knowledge” is based on perception and perception (no matter how open-minded it is) is never the whole truth.

It’s an ongoing minute by minute procedure and the game (of life) is played in the details, the small things that the educated ego wants to overlook. The “big” things don’t matter before the details. You need the same amount of energy to solve small personal “insignificant” minute by minute matters, as you need to solve major issues such as social, environmental, global or universal matters. Just notice how you spend all your energy and how easily it is to become drained; you consider small matters as “unimportant”. All your education is twisted and distorted. The system “has you” in the small stuff, while you are focused on the big stuff, totally missing the moves the system makes on you.

Humans have long forgotten that they are travelers, not permanent residents. They have been persuaded that they can be immortal in the flesh, all powerful and masters of the planet that accommodates them. Only small and twisted minds have a big idea about their (perceived) greatness. Such is the power and the mindset of the ego. That is how you are educated to give away your power to others who "know better", who "have the answers", who tell you how you should be. EVERYONE, in the twisted perception of the ego, gives away their power to someone (whether it is to someone else, a deity, an alien or a belief).

Being asleep (unconscious) for so long, it is always a shock to awaken. It involves much more than the changing of appearances or some habits. It involves a totally different WAY of thinking that is not limited to perception and the left-brain’s analytical, linear, limited view of opposites. This affects all levels of existence: mental – psychological – physical. Many people become so comfortable (whether they like this comfort zone or not is of little or no importance) that they would rather remain there, lacking, bitter and miserable, than risk losing the image that they have built and the life that goes with it. The risk becomes even greater when this becomes a lonely road, with no companions, no one to “share” your experiences with but your Self. You have certainly not been taught how to do that, let alone trust the process. Misery loves company and that’s the game the ego plays, once given the role of master, which it feeds on and will do ANYTHING to keep.

When you awaken WHILE in the game, that is when the real fun starts. You are still a part of the system, only now you don’t get carried away by it, it doesn’t control you and you are not intimidated by it. You realize – from a seat of knowing and not believing – that it’s just a game and there is another way to play it, in order to get a lot more out of it – until it’s time for you to move on to other, new experiences elsewhere. Nothing is so drastic as before, nothing is pointless, nothing is permanent. You are still a part of the game, but now you can’t get away with deception and most of the game’s guilt lines. Your emotions show, and your real self radiates through your words, actions and choices. But then, you don’t need to hide anymore, because you owe to no one, you belong only to your Self.

Living with courage and alertness inevitably makes you stand out in the crowd, different from all others around you. You can’t hide who you are. You’ll no doubt make some enemies (a lot I might add), where before the same enemies were in hiding. You’ll have advisors, overflowing with “good intentions” trying to pull you back into the comfort zone. You will be a reminder – in a way that they don’t want to be reminded – that they have given away their power, that they are following others, that they are not on their life’s path. They will attempt anything to get you back to the flock, even if it’s a miserable place to be, having no real answers for any of their problems, just a lot of beliefs to awaken your fear and guilt. What you do is neither good nor bad, it’s just the experiences that you need until you are ready to take the leap of faith.

It takes a lot of courage to risk being different, to dare to be YOU. Before you make the actual choice and “jump”, your ego will persuade you to negotiate: “maybe I can have it all; not risk being different and keeping all that I already have, while going on a ‘spiritual quest’ in search of a real meaning to my existence”. Every such attempt is yet another obstacle to delay your journey, which you make alone. But you need that experience too, as slowly you will uncover more of the system’s deceptions and control methods. Yet that is yet another stage: you find yourself even more lost than before. You feel like a stranger, not belonging or fitting in anywhere yet not claiming Your Path with certainty. An in-between state which many people find themselves trapped in. Everything spins around you with no concrete meaning, while at the same time you spin violently too, dizzy and sick, having no stable ground on which to walk on. That can be provided only by your Higher Self, once you consciously decide to take the leap of faith, into the unknown.

But that’s one more test on your path. And no description of it can lift the experience from you. You learn ONLY through your own experiences, which you experience in a unique way. You choose ONLY through your own Knowing. Your Will and Your determination, sincerity, dedication, are all tested, for this is a path for the brace at heart and the conscious in mind. If you endure, if you trust no matter what you “lose” along the way, if you continue in spite of the deafening noise that the ego now makes in its last attempts to control you, the dark tunnel of your darkness will give its way to the light of our awakening (no comparison to the “light” preached by the lightsiders).

The ego WILL ONLY surrender to Your Will, for it knows – from the beginning of the game – that it CANNOT interfere with Truth, which is your Higher Self’s essence. It can and will play with lies, perceptions, and polarities, to suit its pleasure and continue controlling you. Only You can undo what you have allowed be done to You. Don’t underestimate the programming, the conditioning that you don’t even realize happening right inside your own mind, in order to keep you submissive and ignorant AT YOUR OWN WILL.

Your greatest challenge (once your learn balance) is to respect the game, embrace each polarity, rejecting neither nor judging according to the linear-analytical-critical egotistic mind. Your greatest task is to understand both and merge them into one, creating perfect balance, which is the sole purpose of your existence in 3rd dimensional reality.

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