Power is always in the people’s hands

Most – if not all- of what we do is done to satisfy our Ego although we do not realize this and believe that we act out of best intentions, moral values, love and all these nice words we like to use to justify our actions.

We assume we are above all the other creatures of this planet because we have intellect. We have used this intellect to conquer, misuse, demolish and destruct. We are greedy and envious and arrogant no matter how much we gain, accomplish or have. Why?

…Because we live in fear although we are not aware of this. We wake up each day, subconsciously (or consciously) afraid of the unknown and go to bed at night fearing we will not wake up the next day, having no sense of purpose either for the day just past or for the new one awaiting for us. But the truth is that we are asleep, whether we are awake or asleep.

We strive to control our lives because we cannot control death. But death is always at our doorstep and we do not know when or how it is going to strike. We never talk about death in our everyday conversations, we do not think consider death in our daily planning, we rather encounter it as a tragedy instead of the gift it really is.

We make all sorts of plans trying to program the future; we invest, we calculate, we place our hopes on it but in the process we never really live in the present. We always want more of what we do not have and strive in every (and any) way to get it but never take the trouble of appreciating what we do have. We carry our past with us and repeating it in the present, which we do not notice as we are living in total unconsciousness.

We think we can live alone and ignore the people around us. We take them for granted and see them only as means to achieve our desires. We are afraid to open our hearts because we are afraid of the pain of the obligation of facing our inner demons. We isolate everything and everyone that threatens us, that we do not understand and build sand castles to hide away in.

We have lost touch with nature and so we have become even more vulnerable and exposed. The more material power we acquire, the more vulnerable we become. We want, and take and take and take but we give back nothing.

There are no exceptions! We are all responsible from where we stand, in the choices that we make each moment. Every day that we do not do what’s right, we are losing an option. And we are losing our options every day.

The cycle of life is violated because the balance of give and take is disrupted. We are a society of consumers, driven by economics, not by common sense. The structure of the world is such that it operates on natural law. There can be no excess in nature; a balance has to be restored in any way. But we are so deaf and blind that we cannot even see this, our own doing, and where it is heading us. We are quickly approaching a stone wall… have we passed the point of no return? I believe we have not.

What will make us awaken and become conscious of what we are creating? What can turn around this destructive behavior, which is based on Ego and fear and loneliness? How do we accomplish a shift in consciousness?

Failure and destruction and negativity cannot do this. We do not learn from our mistakes. On the contrary, we repeat them over and over again. And each time the consequences are far more terrifying and far more destructible than before. History has proved many times over that no matter how much good we accomplish, we will always create much worse than good. No matter how many wise leaders we have to guide us, we will always create many more fearless destructors who we will willingly follow.

If we do not have a moral question in our governing process, we do not have a process that is going to survive. Digest that for a second…

Power is always in the people’s hands.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." (Edmund Burke (1729 1797)

A moral society can only be based on moral beings. Each person makes a difference and each person has a constant choice to create responsibly or not. Each person contributes to the collective consciousness every moment of every day with his thoughts, emotions and actions in real life. We cannot be deceived unless we permit ourselves to live unconsciously. If we do not think for ourselves, someone is always willing to do our thinking for us. If we are not our own leader, we will always allow someone else to lead our life.

It is tempting to sit back or give up the fight. It seems enormous and pointless. We need much more collective positive energy to overturn the collective negative energy that is around us. And yet, that is the only choice we really have: either to lie back and accept our fate (a “fate” that we are co-creating with our apathy and non-involvement) or to take a stand accepting the responsibility we each have to be aware of our contribution.

But that is not a decision we make only once in our lifetime. That is a decision we are called to make every minute of every day of our lives in everything that we do or do not do.

It is more important to think responsibly than recycle our trash to be “good” citizens or outwardly “responsible” beings. It is more important to free our emotions from our past than to do philanthropic deeds for the “liberation” of our souls. It is more important to realize our true intentions behind our needs than to pretend that we are able to hypothesize the intentions of others. It is more important to be honest about our temporary inability to understand and forgive than to forgive out of pride of our false spiritual superiority.
And it is more important to worship the sun, the plants, each other, the earth and life (because God is in all of these) than to build grand churches to hide the nakedness of our soul in, follow rituals out of habit and make enemies out of all who do not follow or adopt our own limited view of life.

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