The language of the heart

Most of our discussions with others are based on the mind. We exchange world views, we defend opinions, our beliefs and we declare our judgments based on how we interpret our own lives and the world around us. We live mainly in our heads, using our bodies to transport our heads as well as to serve the surface mind.

Rarely do we exist outside this mental state and on the rare occasions that we do, we are totally unaware of any other state of existence besides the one we have been educated – programmed to perceive.

We form relationships, achieve some goals, fail at others, gain and lose, change habits and interests but in the long run, none of it really matters. Nothing seems to totally fulfill us for very long, nothing seems to touch a deep, unexplained level of our being that we cannot even grasp or explain mentally.

We might succeed in persuading others, we might have gained much and we might even seem to “have everything”. But why is “everything” often not enough? And what is “everything”, when even that sees to change at different stages of our lives?

We live in our heads. We have so cultivated intelligence, we have given so much of our attention to the outer world, separating it and considering it different from our inner world, that we have ended up being only half – alive. Even most of our so-called spiritual practices and truth quests are goal-oriented and mind – based.

We do not understand the way of the heart. We seek to do, thinking that it opposes or else adds to being. We do not understand the language of no words; we seek to acquire knowledge either from this world or from the (surface) mind.

We have totally misinterpreted the heart, whether we have suppressed it, accused it for the “disasters” of our life or explained it with the tools of the surface mind. The arrogance actually derives from an inferiority feeling of ignorance. We have turned all truth around to suit our ignorant, paranoid codes of illusive living into “truth”.

No one can show you your heart if you have already condemned it. No one can miraculously present the gems that you are set on hiding from your consciousness for you are unique; a unique spark of light, like no other.

Innocence needs to replace guilt and self-accusation. True humility (not modesty) has to replace arrogant ignorance (presented as knowing). We cannot find our true place in the world until we have found our true place in our heart of hearts. No true or worthwhile communication can be accomplished until we accomplish total silencing of the surface mind and total devotion to the powerful, stillness of our hearts. No achievements can matter until we grasp the magnificence of our perfect beingness, every second of our physical lives.

Ego has no place in the heart. Giving up ourselves for the sake of others is one of ego’s greatest traps to rob us of our true love and deprive us of the power of the greatest knowledge. Acceptance and total embracement is not understood by the judgmental mind.

Living simply is to live in abundance and desire the same for all, for we are all one. In linear time and focused perception, that requires that you put yourself first. There is no other mystery to solve, apart from the mystery of yourself: a cosmos in the cosmos that you perceive only partly, outside of yourself.

But, nothing can be gained, not a step can be taken, until you learn the “language” of the heart, which has no words and its truth cannot be locked into concepts of dispute. 

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