Let’s be frank!

Get angry!

Be afraid!

Fear moves you from your comfort zone and helps you see what you have been unwilling to see. But if your inner sight is limited, if you have not learned to see with inner vision, fear turns to phobia and all hell breaks loose inside and around you.

You need to get up and shift your current perception NOW! You think you have eternity to move, but you don’t! You expect some external miracle but it won’t happen. You want someone else to save you but no one will.

This is YOUR call! If you postpone, it is a decision only you are responsible of. Stop complaining and criticizing, thinking that you know; that you can see objectively.

The real issue that’s being played now, world-wide, is not what you can DO but who you truly ARE! You still think you are your thoughts, your beliefs, your identity. But are you? What’s left of you when all these crumble and vanish, seemingly merciless and wrongly?

You are NOT being punished. You are being moved from your own illusions. There is NO punisher but the one idea you have created in your head and YOU keep supporting.

All the frightening scenarios you keep hearing and reading about, are true. Whether you knew them in such detail or with these specific images and information or not, is irrelevant. What makes them true is the fact that you have been hiding your worst nightmares/phobias from your consciousness, assuming that you can trick your mind and extinguish them rationally.

What you don’t know is that, not only are these scenarios true but also, that many more others exist, which your mind has no way of grasping because it is still in captivity. You still think reality is formed outside of you, by others. And this is your biggest, non-negotiable belief, which keeps you in the dark.
Oh yes, you HAVE been a victim of your OWN mind; your OWN limiting perception of yourself and life. There’s just one catch to all of this:

You cannot escape your prison
unless you recognize in “full daylight”
the invisible bars that surround you!

I can’t stress this enough: the visible limitations you are currently experiencing in your life, are NOTHING compared to the invisible limitations YOU are imposing on your self, WITH your consent, of your OWN free will!

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