The folly of light-workers

Very early on, we are taught (mainly in a subconscious way) to fear the cycle of life. All our programming is based on the misconception that life and time is linear; that it unfolds in a straight line that reaches out from the past to the future. And yet…

Look around you, look at your own life by taking a step backwards to have a wider and thus clearer perception. Initially, see the most obvious:

We have 7 days in a week which recycle again and again, we have 12 months, 4 seasons.

Nature moves in cycles; the seasons, the tides, the sun, the moon… all exist in cycles of life, death, rebirth.

It is only our thinking that is fixed on linear perception, which is basically structured on duality. We attempt to concentrate on the positive, while trying to avoid the negative. The more we try to achieve that which we have named and categorised as positive, the more we experience the negative. It is merely a consequence, an essential result of our one-sided, limited programming, which manifests to experience.

Life is based on balance. All that needs to be done in order to return to balance, will be done.

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