Love is a bitch!

Sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind. Cruel? Which mind came up with this judgmental word in the first place? Is truth cruel? Because love is truth, make no mistake about it!

It’s your heart – love, which will come in and whisper to you (or scream if you're habitually not listening), “you’ve done it again, you’ve given away your power again, you’ve deceived yourself again, you are not true to yourself, again, you are not respecting yourself, again…!”

And then, it’s anger that will hit you straight across the face (of your mind) and out of your comfort zone of sleep state. “Why the hell am I always putting myself down? Why am I not trusting of myself? Why do I keep this arrogant belief that God has made some terrible mistake with me?” It’s anger that will force you to shift your perception, to observe what was preciously hidden from your sight. Whoever said that anger is bad or negative?

And sometimes, when you have told the truth to yourself, when you have been willing to see yourself just as you are, you need to slap someone in the face with the truth, to set your boundaries and help them see what they are missing about themselves.

Past ethics and theories don’t belong in this world that is rapidly changing and inconveniently destroying all old paradigms. You have absolutely nothing to hold on to that belongs to the past. The left brain cannot tell you about love. The ego-mind cannot distinguish truth from lie. The past cannot dictate your present nor can it create your future.

You need to shift your perception to your heart. You need to be silent in Your presence. God makes no mistakes and YOU are a creation of God; whether you like it or not, whether you believe it or not.

And unless you can stand in total respect and total acceptance of that which you ARE, disposing of all the “should bes’, letting go of all expectations of yourself, eliminating all beliefs and theories about how things (including yourself) should be, you will never move from the stagnating place where you are now sitting in.

Fear, guilt, and opposition will never transform to love. Love knows no shame, no guilt, for it never accuses. There is no crisis, only opportunities, which the left brain cannot distinguish. Love is a bitch, because love is inclusive, and you have been living in isolation and betrayal for too long.

You just have to be you! 

Discovering who that “you” really is, under the programming, beside the beliefs, beyond expectations, is the Light of truth that gives you the power to evolve, to serve. It gives you the courage to be incorruptible and Self-reliable with no price tag hanging over you. 
Discovering who that “you” truly is, is a life-time devotional act of amazing (but not so comfortable) apocalypses and the only gateway to realizing and connecting with the cosmos.  

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