The art of observation

Everything and everyone that you encounter in your reality is a reflection of yourself, or it would not be in your reality. All serve you. By observing your own reaction to any (big or small) encounter, you discover more about yourself. Uncovering all that is hidden from your consciousness, you become responsible in choosing who you want to be.

Observing yourself – your reactions, your feelings, your thoughts, your beliefs, your needs, your fears – takes commitment and discipline, which you acquire only when your will to do so is acknowledged and defined consciously. Will, which enhances commitment and discipline, become the courage (the basis) that you need as you shatter the identity that you are unconsciously limited in.

Self or ego identification only keeps you locked in fear, in the workings of the mind (an over cultivated left brain), which wants to defend that identity by attempting to control its environment and oppose life. In order to flow with life and live your highest potential in the present moment, you need to bring awareness to perception, so that perception may extend, finally surrendering to the will of the heart (the unrecognized and underestimated right brain), which is extended and inclusive; it is love, gratitude and abundance that manifests in matter when equally and wholly connected with elevated perception. 

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