You can never win

How can I tell kids and especially teenagers that no matter what they do, no matter what they choose and no matter which turning they take, it will be wrong? Who will believe me and not fight me, when I tell them the truth? Who will not be afraid of the truth? But that’ is how it is and we are all indoctrinated to believe the opposite.

Everything is wrong because we live in a “wrong” existence. We chose to experience that which is wrong, that which we are not.

Why even try, when all you do and choose is wrong? Why strive? What for?

 You do not strive, there is nothing to accomplish, there’s nowhere to reach.  That is when you give up the fight. That is where you end the war. That is where forgiveness is instant and you can finally dismantle the hold that guilt has on you. It is all induced and it is all a lie.

You let go of it all and start living. You stop trying and you start being.

Can parents handle so much love, so much acceptance, so much presence? Can they let go of all expectations?

Every wrong takes you to a right, which you will soon enough discover that it is another wrong.

There is nothing to accomplish.

The only requirement or accomplishment to live a meaningful, fulfilling life is self-awareness. That is the only requirement that changes the setting of the game altogether. Be conscious, be present, be in the knowing of your unknowing.  

Our main problem is denial in whichever form. And it must be the greatest (or one of the greatest) plague in human experience. “No, I don’t have negative thoughts, no I don’t hurt, no I do not have needs, no I do not hate, no, no, no…” Denial is another form of lie. Lies everywhere, lies mostly. Masks, pretences, false images!

We have been led to believe that we have to live up to somebody, live up to an ideal, live up to our own or “God’s” (the one that we made in our image) expectations of us.

But all these are lies. Total lies. Dual thought at its best!

You will never “get it right”, you were never meant to.
You will never win, you were never meant to.
Tough one to swallow, I know.
It shatters your whole belief system and cannot even be comprehended, until you dare to deprogram yourself from the indoctrination. And not only that, but the whole life style you have set up for yourself is based on these illusions that keep you fighting, striving, comparing, needing, feeling incompetent, fearful, guilty and isolated in your own misery of misconception.  

Dare to even think about this: no matter what you choose, you will be wrong! Look at your life through this thought. Look at the world’s history through this thought…

But you're so afraid of shattering all that you think you knew until now, that you would rather discharge this thought or try to convince me that I am "lost" or wrong. That will be the easy way out. 

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