Dare to doubt your own dogma?

Here are some facts that your mind cannot handle and does not want to accept.

We are not one with everyone else. We are separated and different individual beings that cannot be one or the same.

We cannot have peace in the world. We can have peace inside, with ourselves, within our own being or not at all.

Relationships do not exist. The only relationship we ever have is the relationship we unconsciously have with our own ego. Unless this is recognized and accepted as truth, no other relationship or reality is possible.

We cannot all have abundance. Some can and will, some will not and cannot. Abundance is for the courageous, the committed and the devoted to their heart’s desire.

You can serve either others or yourself. You cannot have or do both.

Unless you realize and accept these truths as facts, you will never escape the virtual reality you try so hard to fit into but can never be totally happy, content and peaceful in.

Unless you dare to live this reality of opposites, choosing which side you want to be on, choosing one against the other, you can never understand the real meaning of merging them, balancing or the significance of co-existence. You will be constantly torn apart, pulled on the one side, while you desperately attempt to reach for the other.

Do not be fooled by those who want to convince you that you can magically transcend this separation step of consciousness to enter in a “paradise” world of love, peace and unity, where all are One. It is all theory and make-believe children’s stories that the weak and the ignorant have thought up to justify fear and consciousness stagnation, where they are caught and self-imprisoned.

You are no god, stop trying to act like something you do not even understand. You cannot change anyone or achieve anything in this world, no matter how arrogant you are.

But you can be “king” in your own world, you can form your own kingdom of abundance, and this is totally your temptation (or is it your birth-right, your only challenge, which has been cleverly manipulated into a sin?). Look deeper and be honest for once in your life, admitting that it is your secret desire and your underlying need, behind all that you condemn and criticize just because you think you cannot be in a place of power. Trying to suppress or hide it only makes you a devil in disguise, while you continue to fight wars that are lost from the start because they are based on fake strength, fake values, pretences and role-play which you want to persuade everyone else “is” the truth, just because you have accused yourself of “falling”.

Wake up and take your stand. You are not an ant you are a giant. But only if you are not afraid of power! There are rules and you need to respect them. Become a good player and leave all dogma and theory behind. You CAN have it ALL!

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