Do’s and don’t s of Dyslexia

Children with Dyslexia fall into a vast category of right-brained children, which includes children with Aspeger syndrome, AD(H)D and many more “syndromes”. Although each group has its own unique characteristics, as each individual also has, nevertheless, this vast category of right-brain dominant individuals have a totally different way of thinking and perceiving that is not yet understood or appreciated, in this left-brained society.

This article gives a little insight to parents of such unique children, which aims at providing a head start and right direction towards offering the best for themselves, their children and the whole family.

These are not things you will often be told, for a whole profit-based empire benefits from your ignorance, fear and guilt-based agreement to “fixing” your child. After nearly 50 years of personal experience and much teaching experience and unique contact with gifted children, all I can honestly advise you, while reading this article, is to open your mind and trust your heart.

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