The True Masculine

The true masculine is not to provide stability, security, non-changed realities out of fear. He is to provide encouragement, wonder, support, freedom, the eagle’s view...

The warrior, the quiet sufferer, the wise and confident one, the true lover!

He can be patient because he has been hurt.

He can be confident because he is not dependent but free.

He is devoted in his choices because he has resurrected himself. He searches no more for he is found.

He can be supportive because he has felt doubt. He can respect because he values individuated expression.

He can admire and cherish because his attention is totally and willfully focused.

He can protect without crippling or preventing because he is an equal, because he has conquered and therefore recognizes all fear.

The true masculine has all the scars of all his journeys evident on his body. He is fully aware of all his memories of battles towards self-discovery. He has traveled far and wide, on a long, tiring and inspiring journey.

He is a true leader without needing to impose his will. His will is law.

He is soft and gentle, truly and fully nourishing and supporting the female and the newborn child.

Those who do not recognize him cannot come close to him, and those that do, admire and consent to his wishes.

He knows he cannot be alone for he will be half.

His search for his one and only love is over, when he recognizes her to be himself, wrapped beautifully in the body of his beloved feminine.

He need not conquer, persuade or chase her. He simply connects his sight with hers. He states his will and choice majestically, boldly, beyond words.

He playfully and with irresistible charm waits for her to recognize and state her choice; to come to him, in her own way.

He knows that this final venture, this unique union, his last “battle” and triumph is his last and ultimate achievement – destiny. When she has come to him, they will depart, never again hurting, longing, searching but expressing and creating new worlds as one.

This final play is the total sum of their experiences played out in one single, authentic scene. Every moment acted out is a lifetime journey repeated and at the same time newly played.

All time becomes one moment of eternity, fully realized and ecstatically experienced for each.

They know no fear, they feel no rush. Each expresses through their individuated uniqueness, for they know they are one!

After searching the web for an accompanying image for the article, I realized that the “true masculine” is lacking in images. Not surprising, since we have yet to express our true nature as a “true masculine”. Each of us has to draw on our own core images, to manifest that which our hearts long for and our minds know to be true.

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