Linking the pieces of the puzzle

The age of information is giving way to the age of patterns and connections.

Those who are happiest, healthiest, more creative, more abundant and ultimately more “enlightened” are those who can pierce reality, see the patters, use their whole mind to decode surface reality.
All that has been kept apart, alienated and studied separately, must be joined. Everything connects to everything else. Everything concerns us and everything that captures our attention IS us.

Theory is not enough anymore, mere memorizing and repeating does not inspire knowledge. Filling our heads with disconnected information does not change our reality. Roaming from specialist to guru does not give us back our power of self-sustenance, self-reliance and self-guidance.

Although there are many more subjects you initially would not think of linking and many more questions you would not think of asking, here are a few which will challenge your mind:

What do your dysfunctional relationships have to do with left brain thinking?

What does Dyslexia, AD(H)D, Autism and other syndromes have to do with right brain thinking?

What does right brain thinking have to do with “waking up” and what in the world is “waking up” on a practical level?

What do financial abundance or lack have to do with your own programming?

What does illness have to do with soul memory and cure with right brain thinking?

What does unschooling have to do with anything?

What does recognizing your life’s purpose and your life’s occurrences have to do with right brain thinking ?
The creative questions are endless…

There are no known books that link all the pieces of the puzzle together.

There are no one-time seminars to attend, in order to see the grand image or the puzzle of YOU and life likewise.

You don’t find all the answers by following someone (anyone, including me).

There is no way of freeing your mind and your life if you continue to rely on the mind which exists in boxes, no matter how bigger and finer the box.

Now, all this and much more is/has to be (NOW) available to everyone. We have no more excuses to postpone or to continue playing the victims.
You’re never at a dead-end as you often believe. If you’re reading this, there might be something in it for you to consider.
How to better prepare for your sessions:
Make a note of your current problems, issues, thoughts, emotions, needs and desires as specifically as you can (dyslexia, any learning difficulties, relationship issues, career, illnesses, phobias, etc.).
Be prepared to change your mind instead of trying to change others or the world to serve your perception.
Be willing to let go of your story, your problems, your issues, for no one can help you change your reality, if you want to cling to it.
Be honest or you will receive the “wrong” information or assume that you are not receiving what you wanted.

Everything is undoubtedly completely confidential.

Remember that this is a WHOLE new way of thinking, so be prepared to be amazed and shift your perception as well as your life.

Skype sessions offered, from €25 each, prepaid via Paypal.
For further inquiries or any details and specifications not covered here, you can email me at “”.

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