Self Synthesis

Self Synthesis is a "step-up" in my work; a new blog, with new insights, more information and a variety of subjects, for the purpose of synthesizing the many pieces of our Self.

This is an invitation to explore Self Synthesis, comment on the articles and send me feedback of what you think about the new blog. I am confident that the articles posted there will aid in expanding our consciousness and offer down to earth practical insights for the genuine seekers of truth out there.

For more information, you can visit the "about" page, to get a quick review of what its all about. This is place for everyone and every age. If you want to contribute to the blog with your own knowledge or area of expertise, please contact me via the site's "contact form", which you will find on the sidebar.

Also on the blog, you will find the first global gathering, which is entirely different from all that we have know up till now. It is not a group, it does not belong to any establishment, it does not represent any organization. It is a representation of my Self and your Selves likewise. Together we will form a new kind of communication, which is based on mutual respect, a willingness to learn and offer what we each know... a true challenge to the ego and the usual "agreeing or disagreeing" methods which we use to define our identities. 

"Self Synthesis Circle" is the first gathering of people all over the world, at consciousness level. The challenge at this time in our evolution is to come together and communicate with each other, having different opinions, beliefs, backgrounds and goals."

If you are interested in joining, visit the page:

Times are rapidly changing... can we change using our imagination and good will? 

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