Shedding new light on Dyslexia

Dyslexia is not a learning disability although all fingers point to education. Naming something and then continuing our focus based on what we have named is easy and comfortable. Yet symptoms are sometimes misleading and in this case, they are.

Sure there are difficulties but we need to leave those aside for a while to see the bigger picture or we are stuck in one very limited perception, which ultimately has no answers and no “cures”.

Dyslexics have a completely different perception of reality that non-dyslexics cannot grasp. Why? Again, I’ll use terms for lack of better ones, although they too have been over-used…

Left-brain thinking is linear, straight-forward, calculated analytically and logically. Reality is seen mainly through the senses and the mind’s belief structure. Someone who is left-brained (non-dyslexic) can store information in sequence, rely on verbal memory, organize and work within a linear structure. Left-brain thinkers follow multiple instructions easily and consider them to be a part of who they are. They don’t ask peculiar questions. They work and live productively in society, which doesn’t mean to say that they are happy, but that’s not our issue in this article. They get things done, they are punctual, they can analyze and examine a specified subject or issue. They are the keepers of the structure of society.

Right-brain thinking is totally different and mind-blowing for the non-dyslexic, left-brain thinkers...

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