Signs that you are asleep

These are just some of the signs that you are sleeping in a dream-world, thinking that you are awake. 
There are many more, that each person must discover for themselves and take responsibility for their own awakening.

To be asleep is to be unconscious of the fact that we are not the surface mind that governs our life, based on the programming and the feedback from the five senses. Being unaware is neither wrong nor right, but it does result in a very different perception and level of being.

Once we gain consciousness of our true Identity besides the ego-identity that we perceive, everything changes. Perception expands, we have different choices, we see a new meaning, live in peace, service and through meaningful action.

Awareness is always accompanied by responsibility and this always changes the point of perception. Responsibility is a choice and also a duty that we accept, having chosen to awaken. 

But true Living begins at the end of our comfort zone!

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