Life’s Mission

I realize now, that it takes a lot of courage as well as personal inner cultivation to finally accept your mission in life; to finally come to the realization that it is not grander or less significant than you thought, but that it IS. By the time you have expanded enough to realize that important truth about yourself, you have also grown and achieved such inner strength that there is no question about accepting it or not.

I also realized, one more time, only more deeply, that we can only speak our truth with no fancy input from the ego and no fear of the outcome, if we have whole-heartedly accepted it as our own and realized our true self.

A mission or soul’s purpose in life is not as evident as it may seem, because it exceeds roles, identities, “work” or anything else that the surface mind can have reference to. Many times you go through “absolute certainty” that you have found your purpose, only to doubt it or leave it behind you, because it was a temporary role you took on, which you gave your passion to. 

Until finally, you are ready; something you do not even realize on a conscious level, as a mission is always accompanied by humility and the devotion of the heart. Then, all hell breaks loose and all of heaven opens up, all at approximately the same time, twisting you and turning you so fast around your center, that all you can do is allow the spinning. You have been prepared for this by many pervious experiences that teach you to surrender your ego’s will to your highest will. That Will is revealed step by step, though your trust.

And one day, all puzzles, every single one of them, magically fall into place, as you see the past, present and future, all in one; connected and meaningful, revealing, in a breath-taking vision which fits all. Then you know that you have accepted, unconsciously, what you have prepared yourself for, all your life: your life’s mission. You do not plan it nor can you force it. You do not “go out” on a search hunt for it. It comes to you, when you have passed all the tests, learned the lessons needed and have gained enough inner power and commitment to take the huge responsibility, that you (your soul) has asked for.

The setting or the actual experience seems insignificant. But the message is unmistakable…

It was another “usual” afternoon while I was watering the plants in my garden, thinking of nothing in particular but connecting with nature as I normally do. Out of the blue, the revelation came. In a matter of seconds, my whole life was revealed to me: past, present and future in one. I was told, in a way that I would perfectly understand, what everything meant and where it was leading to; what I have been doing, what I am meant to do, where it is all leading.

I am a teacher, ranking at the very bottom of a scale of gifted or ascended teachers and masters and nothing like them (for the trained left brain that wants to compare).  I do not take you to other realms, impress you with miracles, heal your body’s wounds show you how to walk through walls. Teachers like me help you get started, help you see that you are a slave perhaps thinking that you are free or that you have no choice.  They deal with the very basics of your mind and your ignorance of the manipulation which you have unconsciously allowed.

I am a teacher of the masses and I will continue to be with even more conscious acknowledgement of the necessity and its significance in the Whole. After me, there are many others, much more evolved than I am, to take you further on your journey of your return to Source. But you begin with teachers like me. Many have thought that they can skip the “basics” and short-cut their journey, only to fall back again and again, because they lack the humility to admit, that they have gaps and loose ends left behind them. The ego, or lower programmed mind, plays many tricks on you that you are totally unaware of, thinking that you are evolving, when most are still just serving the ego and separation.

When does my mission end? When I am given the message that enough people or all have evolved to a next level of consciousness and my services will no longer be required! These are important times when a greater number of people wish to and take the responsibility of awakening and shifting their perception. I have seen this information clearly. I have seen in the distant future and also know my place and mission there. But I have not been shown the in-between stages, because those still have to be chosen, from the heart, as they appear as challenges.

People tend to think that “bottom line” teachers are less significant and that this requires much less than a higher ranking teacher. Not so! Each one, no matter at what level of consciousness they are, has the same challenges, lessons and tests, according to their knowledge, mission requirements and their heart’s strength. In this sense, each one is as significant and worthy as any other. Besides, without the basics, all you create after that has unsteady fundamental grounding. It is only the judging surface mind that categorizes and judges, actually based on ignorance and fear.

I have been specially trained for this mission, since I came into this life. Very early on I knew that I did not belong to society; I always felt a stranger and questions that didn’t even occur to adults around me, burned my heart’s desire as a child. Nothing came easy, as all the  lessons I was to teach, had to be gained from experience, or I would not be able to communicate on an even level with the people I were to guide to their freedom and their Self. Numerous challenging experiences packed with abundant lessons frequently brought me to my limits and even to a breaking point a few times, when I wanted to give up – or thought I did because I was drained of energy.

But I had a strong heart and a soul remembrance that had always been my guiding star. Having chosen my destiny and my life’s mission, I know I will be rejected, criticized, ridiculed and doubted. All serve the same purpose of awakening and I am no longer intimated by either. My heart and mind is lovingly focused only on those who are willing to hear and see, those who dare to doubt their own conditioning and change their comfortable perception, for a life of revelation and a continuation to their eternal existence.

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