What is a spiritual* teacher

Does having “all” the answers make one a teacher? No, it makes one a wise one. A teacher is someone who helps you with the WAY to find your own answers, not one who dictates their own.

The wise share the answers that they find on their eternal journey but these answers (or insights) are not meant to be ends nor are they given for the purpose of creating followers, worshipers or devotees. They are meant to be used as beacons on your own journey, though in order to travel it you need tools to guide your way.

A teacher is someone who can provide those tools and has dedicated his or her life for the purpose of perfecting them, faithful to his/her life’s mission of being of service, through gratitude of being once served himself/herself.

Independent of his own path, which remains completely his own, he has chosen a parallel path of service for his students; those waking souls that genuinely seek truth that transcends social and identity belief systems and is not limited by the matrices of illusion.

He ushers followers away for they would only seek to drain his energy by walking in shadows. He walks his path alone, knowing that society will reject him because it is conditioned to do so.

He is nevertheless devoted to his students who aid him in becoming all that he can be. He effortlessly places his own ego aside, while he allows his Spirit to do the teaching through him. Although he has free will every step of the way, he simultaneously has none, having chosen and whole-heatedly devoted himself to his life’s mission.

He does not count his students; he gives himself fully to each and every one of them, whether he has just one of a hundred. Even when he is not directly teaching, he is committed to finding new ways to learn, transforming them into teachings.

He is fully aligned with current life in the dream-world and all that he perceives within it but he does not belong to any of it. He is on a mission, his soul’s mission but knows that his home is elsewhere.

The wise are many, easily recognizable by the ignorant, the seekers and the students alike. True teachers are not easily recognizable and usually ridiculed or passed by, rejected for their ways that don’t correspond to common ideas and social requirements. They appear to those who genuinely seek them, who are ready to appreciate them and use their knowledge and guidance with like devotion to their own path’s truth. To the rest they are invisible, dangerous and insignificant outcasts. It is not a life easily or effortlessly chosen.

They undoubtedly have words of wisdom to share, but they will just as soon reject the label for they know that what they know, does not compare with that which remains unknown and has yet to be explored. They feel it absurd to even speak of wisdom for their whole life is committed to searching that which they have yet to find.

A teacher is strictly tested by his Spirit until he is truly capable of undertaking such a role. The tools he uses to teach must be learned through experience. The teachings always transcend his learned experiences, in ways that he can never predict or plans. He heals his own heart through his own experiences but transcends all that he can name “his own” to reach another’s heart and touch his soul.

His inspiration comes to him as a gift of his own humility and appreciation of every moment of his life, in which he is provided with insight and information that stretches the borders of the matrix. He never knows a minute before he should, what his teachings will be about or where they will lead to. Every moment with a student is a new challenge of breaking together the veil of illusion. He has been there before and yet he hasn't, for every hologram is an individual creation inside another hologram and yet another and another.

He feels great pain in what he can See and what appears to others as hidden. He is often pushed to his limits in seeking and finding the tools that will help his students, even if he must put himself aside for them at times. Every moment is sacred and significant as he strives to be all that he can be. At the same time, he is continuously awed and at peace with his chosen path, even when at times he loses his balance for the sake of learning, because he is not a wise one.

The student must choose wisely and follow his heart to his true teacher. 

*The true sense of “spiritual” includes all levels of being and all areas of life. It is in no way limited or alien to practical everyday living, all problems, all relationships and all aspects of physical life.

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