Most of the time, right-brained people do not exist in linear time in a conscious, focused way that left-brained people do. It's like they are on automatic pilot - having established a linear  routine order that they follow and which they know works for them. They feel safe in it and worthy. Their subconscious takes over, something which they are very aware of thus they are grateful and permit the shift. They only "come back" to being focused in the linear here and now, if and when there is a need; a peculiar sound out of the ordinary, a hunch which calls them "back", a sudden thought needing their attention etc.

For most of the time, they are in an expanded state of awareness, which involves a lot more than the linear, contracted focus can grasp and includes ALL (images, emotions, information, insights, inspiration, guidance, connections and understanding etc.), which  involve the expanded present moment. 

Speaking and relating through focused attention gets them out of this expanded state, which is, most of the time, difficult and painful. What they want to do, is return to expansiveness, unless there is a reason to remain, unless they find purpose and usefulness. This reason to "return" cannot be based on rules, programs, expectation, but on their own understanding  and consent, as nothing is ever the same for them.

The reason that most of them are artists of some form is that, beauty, creation, colour and the freedom that art provides, is the closest that this world comes to the existing expanded world of no boundaries and no limitations. No matter where you find them, in any field of activity, there is always an artist hiding underneath or evident in different ways. They are the ones who are devoted, passionate and authentic in whatever they do.

When attempts are made to conform these right-brained individuals -  even though apparently they might and most of them eventually do, because fighting rips them of their energy - in truth, they are shut down inside and "killed" or anaesthetized,  in both states of awareness; they cannot access their super-conscious mind nor do they find purpose and meaning detached from it, in a world that is shallow, pointless and illusion based.

Right-brained people need routine and organization which will allow them to function from an expanded state of awareness, that is their "norm". If chaos exists here, in their physical, linear life, they are deprived of expansion and feel caged, lost and disoriented. They need balance in both states of awareness in order to be grounded and secure. But most of them, having been brought up and raised in linear, logical, contracted ways of thinking, understand neither, since the two worlds are kept apart and alien to each other by the current system of education and society structure.

They cannot be helped and guided to functioning from a place of self-assurance and self-worth, unless they come in contact with someone who has understood and functioned simultaneously in both contracted and expanded states of awareness and can guide them to forming their own safe environment (inner and outer) to exist, create and be at peace with themselves and life.

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