Heart and Mind

We cannot appreciate anyone else unless we recognize and appreciate ourselves first.

We cannot bring harmony to our relationships and the world, unless we first bring harmony within.

We cannot unite the feminine and the masculine without, unless we unite them within.

We are taught to acknowledge enemies without and we perceive the world as separate from our selves. No matter how much theory we study or how hard we would like to believe otherwise, perception does not change  with wishful thinking, persuasion or striving. The tools we are using are the same tools that have distorted the perception, therefore cannot produce different results; dissolving the illusion. 

Observation must take the place of judgement. The tools and attributes of the right brain must be recognised and cultivated, so that the brain might balance and we may use more of our minds than we have been using, for decades in the Western world. The feminine must be appreciated and resurrected, so that it may offer its unique contribution to the evolution of consciousness.

Each moment of our daily lives, we are unconsciously answering the question "Who am I?", but we now need to be answering it consciously, so that we may create through the heart and not through the mind's conditioning. The mind has been over-cultivated and over-evaluated, becoming destructive and abusive.  Together, the mind (free from programming) and the heart become creators of magnificence.

We create our reality and yet we have not been trained to master our creative power. We have no idea how creation happens, we do not link the creator to the creation, the cause with the effect.

There exists a totally different world, available for us to perceive, than the one we have been perceiving. It magnificently appears before us as we allow the transformation within us.

We are, therefore we do. We express that which we know through our actions. Thinking and planning has nothing to do with the way we create. It is silencing the left brain that effortless creation can take place as we become vessels to be filled with insight, abundance, joy.

The dark contributes to the light.

The feminine motivates the masculine.

The vision generates courageous action.

Love moves mountains.

A pure and open heart embraces all life and sees only itself in all.

There is so much that we do not know and can bring forth if we but dare shift away from our comfort zones; if we dare to doubt our beliefs,  let go of our identities and stop following the crowd.

Like ignorant children, we do not know the art of allowing, of observing, of trusting (we know blind faith). We are afraid, but need to fearlessly follow the heart, without needing to know where it will take is, but remain trusting, surrender to Her wisdom and courage; for She knows. She is in service to the One, the Infinite, which the programmed mind cannot grasp or begin to conceive.

It does not matter how high a mission we think we have or how low and insignificant we perceive our life to be. As long as our personal agenda exists and tries to manipulate reality, we will remain in opposition with life and our Self. The mind makes up countless scenarios and hypothetical realities about ourselves, others and of how the world should be.

That same mind is our only barrier to true, innocent, inspiring and creative living.

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